The Man in the Snow vs The Man in the Window FMCPRB 2

The Man in the Snow vs The Man in the Window FMCPRB 2

The Man in the Snow vs The Man in the Window is the second installment of Fan-Made Creepypasta Rap Battles and the second episode of Season 1. It features stalker, The Man in the Window, rapping against stalker, The Man in the Snow.

Lyrics Edit

Man in the snow:

Spitting cold, spitting harsh, it’s the man in the snow,

Against the man in the window, or the man that blow,

You fit the description of being a complete failure

I’ve seen some pretty shocking stories but let me tell ya

Your story is absolutely shitty while I’m a real man

I’m in your home, looking for you, run if you can.

It’s an ice day to die, so get ready for a knife in the chest,

It would be a simple breeze to murder this pest.

Man in the Window:

You have stepped into my motel, now there’s no way back.

I can kill a woman with my hand, so I can handle your crap.

If you’re so cold then my flow can melt you,

I don’t need to try hard to win against you in a knife duel

You plea for freedom but I won’t show any mercy

As I wrap my claws around your neck, it won’t be pretty

You’re just an urban legend, nothing more, get ready for pain

Run off to Iceland before I diss you to death again.

Man in the Snow:

You call me an urban legend when you already are one

I don’t need to scare you, cause this battle’s already done

behind the door or the couch I bet you’re feeling tense

Better call 911 now; this is your last chance

Man in the Window:

I’m the evil in everyone including this frostbitten wannabe

Don’t believe me? Look into my mirror, and then you’ll see

Your story takes place in snow but I’m the one that’s cool,

Now go away and never return and stop being a fool.

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