Sonic.EXE vs The Observer FMCRB 1

Sonic.EXE vs The Observer
Battle information
Release date January 25th, 2015
Views 1000+
Length 2:24
Previous N/A
Next The Man in the Snow vs The Man in the Window
Other information
Actors Aussie-can
Johann Wong
Rappers SonicObserver
Location(s) Static

Sonic.EXE vs The Observer is the first installment of Fan-Made Creepypasta Rap Battles and the first episode of Season 1. It features the Sonic the Hedgehog creepypasta executable, Sonic.EXE rapping against mysterious entity, The Observer. It was released on January 25th, 2015.


Johann Wong as The Observer

Aussie-can as Sonic.EXE



A proxy against me? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Once I count to three, I FOUND YOU! This will be easy.

You think you a better killer than me behind the screen?

I killed all of my friends and also doom you for free.

Hating on me? Don’t bother starting a real fight,

You aren’t even known, while I give gamers a fright.

Go on and pray for mercy bitch, cause I’m the new lord,

While a Cyclops trying to make his story not a fraud.

The Observer:Edit

I can take on a killer, and I can also kick your ass,

I dare you to step to me, I’ll make this battle your last

You are a walking cliché, don’t try to deny it.

Playing a game of hide and seek, stop being such a dick.

I observe all of your moves, so there’s nothing you can do.

Your game is pathetic, I am now through with you.

I would kill you like Noah, but you don’t have a Brain.

Because when I came to this world, nothing was ever the same.


Your rhymes are too slow, don’t dare try again,

If you ended up in hell, you only have yourself to blame.

I am a RAP GOD, you’re a slave of Slenderman,

I’m running this show, better have an escape plan.

I killed two idiots going on three, you only killed one . Battling a dead kid and squid is more fun.

This is just an ordinary battle amongst familiar hills,

It’s no longer who’s has a better rap, it’s who have more kills!

The Observer:Edit

You’re messing with Tribe Twelve Sonic, what the hell are you thinking?

You were really famous because you’re so bad, now your fame is sinking.

You thought you were screwed before? Now you really made me mad.

Once you vanquished from hell and never return, then I’ll be glad.

There’s nothing you can do you fucking fraud,

You’re not a king but you call yourself a GOD?

Along with Slenderman, you now know you’re fucked.

Now the Observer had killed a creepypasta that sucked.


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