Skyrim's Secret vs JVK1166zesp FMCPRB -5

Skyrim's Secret vs JVK1166zesp FMCPRB -5

Hello rap battle lovers. This battle features the assassin from the JVK1166z.esp mod against the woman predicting downfalls for those who discovers the easter egg. Who will go down in legend for having the best creepypasta in the Elder Scroll games?

Lyrics Edit

Skyrim’s Secret:

If you’re asking about your future, well let me tell you this

As he who finds my easter egg, will have his life torn to bits

Reading lines from the book and I spit them right at you

Just as these pages predicted; this annoying virus will lose.

Your health is draining just from standing in front of me,

Your files will be more than corrupted, as far my eye can see,

I’ll absorb your soul like a dragon, if you had one to begin with,

You’ll be robbed by my secrets, so you’ll never MorroWINd.


Your rapping is like your age, it’s getting old fast,

Rebound your useless spells for standing in this assassin's path

Your story lacks texture, it’s where you certainly belong,

All the cryptic disses you “predicted” were proven all wrong,

I don’t want hear your words, no wisdom, will change me

I have a bunch of tricks, just listen to my scream!

Miss messenger must mourn for her lost of this fight,

I feel no pity for you lady, this won’t be your knight.

Skyrim’s Secret:

With all that screaming of yours, your throat would’ve been sore,

Watch your Manors, I know what you’re trying to ignore,

Don’t even try, your existence will be gone by tomorrow

As my time fades, my anger for you just simply grows

So many events in my mind, here’s one you’d like to hear

Take one step off the map and I’ll show you true fear

You know nothing about the future, you won’t know what will happen,

Now we turn to page 5, the destruction of the assassin.


Seems like the prophecy is severed, and this fortune teller’s next,

And thanks to your age, you’re not rapping your best

Nothing’s dumber than this Dunmar, there`s really nothing you can do

Every line that I spit, it just becomes more hard on you

Like the stars, I’m always moving, let's hope good wishes

That the superstitious predictions, have her death wish permitted

It seems you enjoy some company, but it`ll surely be your last

Your age has caught up to you, your petty life has crashed

Who Won?

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