SCP 990 vs Grey Man FMCPRB -4

SCP 990 vs Grey Man FMCPRB -4

Hello rap battles lovers. Feeling sleepy? This battle features the stalking enemy from LSD Simulator, Grey Man against the future predicting dream being, SCP 990.

Lyrics Edit

Grey Man:

You'll never know when i'll strike, drown you till you wake up and see

That this SCP, has no chance of beating the LSD-MC

It's Grey Man, i'm great, man, spitting dreamy flows,

The end of your existence is coming, for you're my puppet in this show 

The pain will never stop, even if you start a new dream

As the haunting continues for the interview of your defeat 

By the end of this battle, you won’t be making it much further 

Your story is so unknown, like the name of the doctors


I'll just be sitting by the lake, as a class-keter threat,

Your death will be soon in this rap battle event

Killing 98% of the population, your progress will be erased

You won’t be standing anymore, for your the victim in my case 

It’s no nightmare, that you’ve already achieved your downfall

Better act fast, because this is your wake up call 

I'm not the bad guy here, in fact, i'm practically a god,

Your nightmare will end here, with my hands covered in your blood.

Grey Man:

It seems that Mike isn’t the only one I can easily torment,

Let’s play a game, I’ll enjoy every second, every moment.

I can see that I already won, so there’s no need to bicker



Your fame is like your game, just another common glitch 

Out of all the people in the world, I wouldn't dream about this grey bitch

My whole existence was light, yours was for mere pleasure on the net

Now wake up Grey, for my predictions left you nothing but your head

Who Won?

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