NormalPornForNormalPeople vs One Million Viewer FMCPRB 3 vs One Million Viewer is the third installment of Fan-Made Creepypasta Rap Battles and the third episode of Season 1. It features 'normal porn' site,, rapping against creepy website, One Million Viewer.



Click this link for the good of mankind, however beware,

If you don’t share this creepypasta to the world, you’ll never escape my lair.

The mystery of my identity, even plenty of your eyes cannot see,

That the density and intensity of my words will leave you more than dizzy.

I leave the rooms painted with red, leaving nothing but piles of corpses,

A spam in a million, but all your attempts are useless.

You have a surprise? Well here’s one idiots, not too shoddy,

The saying is true of these cats dying in curiousity.

One Million Viewer:

It’s a pleasure to meet you, may I please ask a few questions?

How can your story be real? When your users die of an erection

I’m not a scam, unlike the “porn” that you can make

Your site is only used for lonely bums, while millions are clicking my link everyday

You are a lie, For I am the true to mankind

My rhymes are shining like a jewel, just like a catseye 

With those disses that you’re spitting, not much is coming through

No need to defeat you yet, your 1 million will be here soon


AVI’m sorry, too many wounds for your website to handle?

Because it’s hopeless for you to maul me in this rap battle.

Just one stupid creepypasta, and you gave yourself over 50,000 views,

No wonder you’re at lost, but I ain’t sorry for you

One million Viewer:

I can take your site down faster than one of your user starting a video

With one blink of an eye, I can put an end to this jimbo

You’re not safe from us, you’ll be wiped clean from the face of the earth

I’ll be seeing you soon, just watch out for that 1 million and 1 user

Who Won?

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