Hypno's Lullaby vs Fluttershy's Lullaby was originally planned to be the fifth installment of Fan-Made Creepypasta Rap Battles and the fifth episode of Season 1 before it was scrapped by Aussie-can due to request by Frenzy. It features poképasta poem, Hypno's Lullaby, rapping against ponypasta, Fluttershy's Lullaby. It was scrapped on July 11th, 2015. The battle can be heard here.

Cast Edit

Johann Wong as Hypno's Lullaby

SkeepTieel as Fluttershy's Lullaby

Lyrics Edit

Hypno's LullabyEdit

Quiet now, young filly, for I must Forewarn

You’ll be having insomnia, once I leave you forlorn

Silence! Leave you more panicked than that child incident!

Dissing a deceased horse, who’s music talent is quite dissonant

Even with a Calm Mind, this Psychic will Shock you

I’ve got quite a Nasty Plot to turn you into horse stew

Thinking of winning? That’s a dream, so I’ll eat it.

I’d be glad to watch this horse get beat until it bucks the bucket

Fluttershy's Lullaby Edit

Hush now, child, your hypnosis will not affect me

I’m quite the Rarity, I’ll get rid of you, finally!

You’re lookin’ a little Drowzee, it’s time to lay your fleshy head

The Aftermath of you will be dismembered and found dead

You’re beating the dead horse, but your attempts are in vain

You’ll be choked and restrained, now only a pile of flesh remains

Lights out, or I’ll knock you blackout, It’s way past your bedtime!

No more second chances, time for Hypno’s permanent Naptime

Hypno's Lullaby Edit

I hunger for dreams! Allow Hypno to devour yours

Though you’re about as appetising as a deformed foal’s corpse

I feast on dreams! You yell and scream! I’m genuine, you’re meddlesome

Raps so explosive, you’d need a Pit to hide from my Pendulum

Lure you to the forest, hypnotise your trio of young friends

We can bond together now, but I suggest you don’t complain again

The pendulum calls… I don’t need to leave you petrified-

Or need a third verse just to know that I beat you, Cockatrice

Fluttershy's Lullaby Edit

Quiet with your shrill screams, I’ll be haunting you through your dreams

Death in HD, and I won’t use any laser beams

Leave your death Lavender, so run back to your orphanage

Winged dream demon, call me Roman god, Morpheus

You’re a chicken! But you won’t be able to break out of this

Psyduck’s a better psychic, you’re just like its side kick

I apologise for my harsh words, but please don’t cry

You’re next to go, *giggles* - Lulla-bye from Fluttershy

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Trivia Edit

This battle was completely written by SkeepTieel.

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