Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

Here is a collection of hints concerning Season 1 and beyond.

Confirmed Characters Edit

Hypno's Lullaby

Toy Story.exe

Confirmed Battles Edit


Lyrics Edit

 ??? vs ??? Edit

 ??? Edit


I'm not the bad guy here, in fact, I'm practically a god

Your nightmare will end here with my hands covered in your blood!


Your life isn't the only one that I can easily torment

Let's play a game... I'll enjoy every second, every moment!

Hypno's Lullaby vs ??? Edit

 ??? Edit

...your attempts are in vain

You'll be choked and restrained, now only a pile of flesh remains

Lights out, or I'll knock you blackout, it's way past your bedtime

No more second chances, time for Hypno's permanent Naptime

Hypno's Lullaby Edit

I hunger for...

 ??? vs ??? Edit



I would love watching you suffer as you’re trapped in a cage,

This Face is the bSt OG, you just led yourself, to your fate


Leave me alone, and take your black heart with that face!

Pale yourself from rapping and disappear, without a bloody trace.

If you don’t have a knife, so there’s basically nothing...

Toy Story.exeEdit

I moan at your appearances, no colours to see but white,

While I’m as dark as the devil, giving the kids a big fright!

Spitting fire at Potato Heads, sever the heads like you’re Rex,


...they’re White Hands

These weak freaks will be beat, once I sweep them off their feet

Make ‘em weep red tears, or is that something else that can I see?

Ya’ll must be dreamin’ if you believe...

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